Superfeet BLACK Premium Insoles
Superfeet BLACK Premium Insoles
Whether you're running down the pitch or dancing all night long, these premium insoles are designed to give ample support and all day comfort to all arch types, and especially to those with low arches.

Superfeet BLACK Premium Insoles support all arch types, including very low arches, to offer greater balance and enhanced physical performance. Rear and mid-foot control reduces pronation and increases foot balance, putting less stress on muscles and joints during walks, runs and other intense physical activities. Adjustable flex cap fingers and a natural, contoured shape give these shoe inserts a personalized fit, without the need to splurge on expensive orthotics. The durable, water-resistant closed cell foam layer can stand up to frequent daily wear, while the anti-microbial treatment destroys odors and bacteria to keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.

  • Ideal for feet with low arches, but fits all arch types
  • Recommended for golf shoes and cleated athletic footwear, mountain biking shoes, and all types of casual and dress shoes
  • Rear and mid-foot control reduces pronation and improves balance
  • Adjustable flex cap fingers move with your natural stride
  • 1/16 High-impact, water- and moisture-resistant Trocellen closed cell foam
  • Encapsulating Stabilizer System cap and deep heel pocket
  • Natural contoured shape
  • Friction control top cover with Agionantimicrobial treatment

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