All Star System 7 Chest Protector - Adult
All Star System 7 Chest Protector - Adult
Item # 3063232000
The new System Seven chest protector incorporates never seen before technologies to offer lightweight ultimate protection.
The All Star System 7 Chest Protector is a patented innovative design offering ultimate protection. Offering reduced weight by reworking the padding system with multi-level foam construction, larger ventilation holes, contoured throat pad with encased plate, moldable collarbone protective pad and a fully adjustable shoulder cap. The side U-Bars help conform the chest protector to a player's body, and also help present a solid target. On the outside is increased wrap around the siding that have been made thinner, between the bars six pads have been wedged and as a result, balls blocked drastically kick downward. Wedged pads deflect balls downward Low rebound foam for increased dampening, breathability, and flexibility. Lightweight plastic plates around the collar bone, throat, and sternum areas so that the chest protector will take the brunt of the impact, not you harness keeps protector snug. Neoprene 'triangle' keeps the chest protector in place. Lengths are 100% adjustable, allowing for a customized fit. Protected by Microbe Shield to inhibit bacteria and eliminates odors.


*Reduced weight
*Larger ventilation holes
*Contoured throat pad
*Moldable collarbone protective pad
*Fully adjustable shoulder cap
*Perfect fit
Price $149.99