All-Star System 7 Chest Protector Adult - Black / Gray
All-Star System 7 Chest Protector Adult - Black / Gray
Item # 3063232000
The new System Seven™ chest protector incorporates never seen before technologies like the U-Bar design which helps square up and conform to the catcher's body and wedged shape abs to deflect balls downward.

Reduced Weight + Increased Ventilation.The System Seven™ chest protector is jam-packed with high end features. Weight has been reduced compared to the CP28PRO by reworking the padding system with multi-level foam construction. Numerous thin layers of foam were handpicked and layered for specific qualities, such as breathability, flexibility, and dampening. On the outside is increased wrap around siding. Compared to past models, these wrap around sides have been made thinner… because if you get hit there you are doing something wrong. Between the Bars. On the CP30PRO, however, the true beauty lies between the bars. Six pads have been wedged and as a result, balls blocked drastically kick downward. This feature transforms the chest protector into a vital tool used to make uncontrollable balls a thing of the past. Compared to the CP28PRO, ball rebound has been reduced by half. The ball will literally drop down right before you. Our Delta Flex™ harness technology has been a huge hit and as a result, we have incorporated it into the new CP30PRO. The harness is constructed with wider straps which won't dig in and also features a neoprene ‘triangle’ which keeps the chest protector right where it’s supposed to be. Strap lengths are 100% adjustable from 4 points, allowing the fit to be completely customized.

  • Reduced Weight and larger UltraCool vent holes
  • wedged abs dampen and deflect balls downward
  • Sternum, throat, and Moldable collar bone PE plates
  • Adjustable Shoulder Cap
  • Low rebound memory foam
  • Wraparound sides
  • Deltaflex Harness
  • AEGIS microbe shield
  • 16.5 design

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