Nokona Classic Walnut WB-1150M 11.5
Nokona Classic Walnut WB-1150M 11.5
Item # 3089240000
In a place called Nocona, Texas premium ball gloves have been designed and handcrafted since 1934. For generations, the people of this small town have dedicated their lives to provide the best baseball product, made right here in America, so that you can use it with great pride and confidence.
Nokona has built its reputation on its legendary Walnut Leather. Now made with our proprietary Walnut HHH Leather™ which provides greater stiffness and stability. Once this glove is worked in, this glove is soft and supple, yet remains sturdy - a true, classic Nokona.


*11.50 Pattern
*Modified Trap
*Open Back
*Leather: Walnut Crunch™
*Weight: 675g
Price Reg: $229.99
Sale: $180.00