Atec Power Streak Training and Pitching Machine
Atec Power Streak Training and Pitching Machine
The all new innovative design of the Power Streak allows for quick and esay adjustments from pitch to pitch in either baseball or softball.

The ground breaking C-Arm design allows for easy height adjustment while the strategically designed legs convert the machine from baseball to softball, maintaining a realistic release point. The Power Streak exclusively throws Tuffy SFT and Tuff SFT Supersoft, allowing for indoor practice and sustaining the life of a bat.


  • Durable, high-tech composite material and steel construction built to withstand heavy usage on the field
  • Pitches 60 mph for baseball and 55 mph for softball
  • Includes both baseball and softball retainers and chutes
  • Legs convert easily to either baseball or softball
  • Recovery Time: 6-8 secs
  • Machine Weight: 30lbs.
  • Speed Range: 30-60 mph BB/30-50 mph SB
  • Fastballs: Yes
  • Breaking Balls: Yes
  • Fly Balls: Yes
  • Pop Ups: Yes
  • Line Drives & Grounders: Yes
  • Catcher’s Pop Ups: Yes

Item No. 2098090

Price $499.99