Demarini CF5 -11 Youth League Baseball Bat
Demarini CF5 -11 Youth League Baseball Bat
DeMarini CF5 -11 Youth League Baseball Bat with a 2 1/4" barrel. Tri Strut TR3 Composite barrel and Tri Strut TR3 Composite handle.

This bat almost makes you wish you stayed awake in science class. Carbon fibers come together beautifully at the molecular level to create a geodesic formation, providing maximum strength and efficiency at the bat’s surface. Genius, right? Just nod and agree. All you need to know is that the new CF5 is one of our lightest and strongest bats created, with the biggest sweet spot known to science. Period.

  • The New DeMarini CF5 -11's barrel is constructed from Tri Strut TR3 Composite. Tri Strut TR3 Composite is comprised of triangular formations(see window on the CF5's barrel) providing strength, stability and consistent performance.  Tri Strut TR3 Composite creates a very strong and responsive barrel without any unnecessary weight.
  • DoubleWall Barrel Construction – Two independent walls create a dynamic springboard hitting surface giving you a sweet spot with ball-popping trampoline effect.
  • The CF5's handle is also made from Tri Strut TR3 Composite which is the tightest/strongest composite DeMarini has developed. The CF5's handle gains strength through triangular formations at the molecular level efficiently transferring power from your hands to the barrel giving you balance and consistency.
  • Geo Endcap – The dual density internal cap is full of load balancing triangles. It’s designed to maintain the stiffness of the barrel driving energy back to the barrel while dampening impact vibration to give you amazing feel, hit after hit.
  • The CF5 -11 is for Little League and leagues requiring a 2 1/4" barrel.

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