Spalding Never Flat Basketball - 29.5
Spalding Never Flat Basketball - 29.5
Item # 1635760018
Guaranteed to stay inflated 10 times longer than regular basketballs, this never-flat ball lets you keep your hands in the game and off the pump.

A low-maintenance solution that doesn't sacrifice performance, the Spalding Never Flat Basketball will stay at its optimal bounce height for at least one year. It has a reinforced air bladder, special valve cap and strong rubber panels to prevent air loss and stay at its optimal bounce height longer. The pebbled composite leather cover on the outside of this official-size basketball makes it easy to grip, handle and shoot with spot-on accuracy.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • Guaranteed to maintain optimal bounce height for a minimum of a year
  • Composite leather exterior
  • Nitroflateᄄ reinforced rubber panelling
  • Reinforced air bladder
  • Exclusive valve cap
  • Official NBA size and weight

Item No. 1635760

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