Nike Men's Pure Grip OT Basketball
Nike Men's Pure Grip OT Basketball
Item # 3134769000
Premium outdoor feel

Made with adjustable air pressure and pebbled synthetic leather that repels dirt, the Nike Pure Grip OT (Size 7) Men's Basketball provides lasting grip and customized bounce ideal for the playground game.

  • Airlock Technology holds exact air pressure for shape retention
  • Pebbled texture for ultimate grip and feel for the outdoor game
  • Wraparound panel construction provides more consistent touch and shot rotation
  • Molded deep-channel design for easier hand alignment and ball control
  • Rotationally wound butyl carcass for shape retention
  • For outdoor use
  • Fully adjustable air pressure for custom bounce
  • Precision feel for consistent handle
  • Ionized synthetic leather for lasting, clean grip on the playground

Item No. 3134769

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