Everlast MMA Focus Mitts
Everlast MMA Focus Mitts
Item # 3084524000
Designed to boost your mitt workouts to the next level, these Focus Mitts come with an authentic Thai profile to build up precision and accuracy.

The new design of these MMA Focus Mitts from Everlast offers a smaller punching surface that helps boost technical instruction during pad rounds and training sessions. Made with premium synthetic leather and superior mitt construction, they offer long-lasting durability and functionality. The Focus Mitts come with a full glove backing for improved command and control over coaching and training rounds.

  • Authentic Thai profile allows precision targeting and sharpens striking precision
  • New MMA design improves functionality
  • Premium synthetic leather exterior for long-lasting durability
  • Excellent MMA construction for exceptional functionality
  • EverCool Full glove backing for improved control
  • Man-made materials
  • Great for mitt workouts and MMA coaching

Item No. 3084524

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