Metolius Climbing Safe Tech Trad Harness - Large
Metolius Climbing Safe Tech Trad Harness - Large
Item # 3130902000
Lightweight Safe Tech climbing harness

The Safe Tech Trad harness is engineered to provide every possible extra margin of safety: Each component has been designed for maximum strength without excessive weight or bulk. All structural systems of the harness have been made as redundant and error-proof as possible. Wherever possible, each component is engineered to withstand a load of 10 kN (2250 lbf). This is typically the maximum impact force rating of a modern climbing rope.

5000 lbf (22 kN) per belay loop
2000 lbf (9 kN) Spectra gear loops
3600 lbf (16 kN) Spectra rope locator
3600 lbf (16 kN) rear haul loop
1500 lbf (6.6 kN) leg loop elastic

Non-directional tie-in points maintain their strength even if the rope is routed incorrectly. The patented 3-D system adjusts rise length and leg size to keep you upright and in-balance in a fall.

  • New locking speed buckle
  • Light, sporty and Safe Tech strong
  • Narrow components for unmatched comfort and freedom of movement
  • Our patented, adjustable-rise 3-D system creates the best-fitting harness in the world
  • Four gear loops
  • Innovative slot system keeps pad end in place
  • Dual belay loops
  • Rear haul loop
  • Adjustable leg loop elastics
  • 16.5 oz. (467 g). medium
  • Size: LARGE (33-37 or 84-94cm)
  • CE/UIAA certified

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