CAMP Wing 2 Traveling Pulley - Black
CAMP Wing 2 Traveling Pulley - Black
The Wing is a sophisticated auto-locking pulley designed to help ensure safety and increase fun on zip lines.

The Wing introduces a new level of safety to zip lines with an elegant pivot locking mechanism. This system makes attaching participants to cable or rope faster and easier. It also ensures that the pulley cannot detach from the line while it is loaded. Features efficient steel bearings for high-speed adventure and stainless steel sheaves for durability. New thermoplastic guards prevent accidental entanglement from clothing and hair and carry backup lines along with the pulley on upright prongs.

  • Unique closure for increased safety
  • New guards serve a dual purpose by keeping clothing and hair away from the wheels and carrying backup lines
  • Sealed steel ball bearings
  • Stainless steel sheaves
  • Maximum speed: 20 m/sec, 45 mph

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Price $129.95