Schutt XP Hybrid + Youth Football Helmet - Black
Schutt XP Hybrid + Youth Football Helmet - Black
The XP Hybrid+ features a powerful combination of TPU Cushioning and vinyl-nitrile padding, giving you great performance and value.

TPU Cushioning dramatically outperforms traditional foam padding in game-like conditions, giving you better impact absorption, heat management, and hygienics. Everything is treated with an anti-microbial agent that resists the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and other bacteria. The XP Hybrid+ is a traditional standoff helmet, featuring that classic shape so many players have grown up with. Made from lighter ABS plastic, specifically for youth players, it packs a lot of protection and performance inside the shell. AiR Maxx TPU Jaw Pads: Standard on all our youth TPU helmets, as well as the Hybrid+ and Hybrid series, these pads combine the protection of TPU with the comfort and fit of a soft, vinyl-covered jaw pad. The open sided AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads also does a great job of pulling cool air into your helmet – maximizing air circulation. The SUREFIT slots allow for the fitting of the chin strap along the inside of the helmet.

  • TPU Cushions: Better impact absorption than traditional foam padding, plus better heat management and hygienics.
  • SURE FIT Air Liner: Inflatable liner with two inflation ports that gives you a precise, custom fit and helps make it the most comfortable helmet on the field.
  • AiR Maxx TPU Jaw Pads: TPU Cushioning wrapped inside the comfort of a traditional jaw pad.
  • Traditional-standoff helmet shell, built with High-Impact ABS plastic.

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