Schutt ION Football Chin Strap - White
Schutt ION Football Chin Strap - White
Item # 3071802000

The ION Chin Strap offers maximum protection with its hard helmet-like exterior and soft foam interior, providing the player with greater impact absorption.

  • Double-Layer Protective Construction: The exterior is a polycarbonate hard cup while the interior is a soft, comfortable foam cup that forms to your chin, which gives the cup greater impact absorption.
  • Splitters: The new ION HC chin strap features splitters that enable you to use it in either a high or low hook up.
  • Maximum Protection with Helmet-like Hard Cup: The Exterior Hard Cup is made from polycarbonate, the same material that a varsity football helmet is made from.
  • Your Chin Needs to Keep Cool, Too: In your battle against excess heat, everything needs to be ventilated. And the ION HC features multiple ventilation holes that are aligned in both the interior cup and exterior shell

Item No. 3071802

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