SKLZ Football Training System
SKLZ Football Training System
The SKLZ Football Training System includes all the essentials to elevate your game.

Improve speed, acceleration and change of direction with the Quick Ladder. Use Reaction Belts to be more evasive on offense and have tighter coverage on defense. Get first-step quickness and maximize top end speed with the Speed Chute. And refine hand-eye coordination with the Hi-Viz football.

  • Speed Chute: Maximize your top running speed through overspeed training to get to the ball and bases faster. Built-in mesh panels keep strings from tangling and help stabilize the chute during workouts. 54” x 54” chute provides approximately 15-30 lbs. of progressive resistance (depending on speed of user.) Quick release belt buckle allows for training with acceleration bursts. 360 ° rotation belt with free motion ring allows for movement in any direction. Adjustable belt fits most athletes.
  • Quick Ladder: 11-rung heavy duty design for high intensity training. 15'' from rung to rung. Durable nylon straps.
  • Reaction Belts: Develop evasive offensive skills. Refine lock-down defensive technique. Simulate one-on-one coverage through a variety of shadow drills. Includes two belts,, three sets of velcro breakaway leashes (4, 7 & 10 feet) and carry bag.
  • Hi Viz Football: Color cues for pass recognition and hand-eye coordination. Color and number/letter cues to improve focus for the catch. Integrate into a wide variety of pass and catch drills. Official collegiate size football.

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