Nike Sparq Basic Football Power Band
Nike Sparq Basic Football Power Band
Item # 3066660000
You might be quick, but after steady training in the Nike SPARQ Heavy Power Band you'll be an absolute blur.

his essential training tool is designed to increase leg strength and joint stability, resulting in high-speed performance when the game is on the line. SPARQ is focused on helping athletes improve their game-day performance by developing the five key components of superior athleticism: speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness. SPARQ Training gives you the drills, programs, insight and information you need to work smarter, train harder and get better faster.

  • Creates 5 lbs. of resistance when stretched to 2x original length
  • Large, adjustable padded cuff
  • Low-profile hinge system allows for greater range of motion
  • Protective sheath for guarding against over-extension and nicks and cuts in bungee material

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