Sparq Training System 2.0
Sparq Training System 2.0
Item # 3079903000
A versatile athlete demands versatile training tools. Every aspect of athletic excellence is included in the Nike SPARQ Training System 2.0.

A six-piece apparatus set including a resistance parachute, speed ladder, speed hurdles, power bands, speed discs and a training bag. Speed. Power. Agility. Reaction. Quickness. It's all in there.

  • Resistance parachute (size large) to provide explosive forward acceleration
  • Speed ladder to enhance cutting ability and agility
  • Six speed hurdles to build explosive power and speed
  • Three power bands to strengthen legs via consistent resistance
  • Twelve speed discs for indoor and outdoor speed training
  • Training bag to develop strength
  • Materials: Parachute: 70% nylon/22% polypropylene/8% polyethylene. Speed ladder: 100% polypropylene. Speed hurdles: 90% ABS/10% polypropylene. Power bands: 90% rubber/10% synthetic rubber. Speed discs: 100% polypropylene. Training bag: 51% polyester/49% nylon.

Item No. 3079903

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