Nike One Vapor Speed Golf Balls
Nike One Vapor Speed Golf Balls
Item # 3068576000
Major-winning technology in an affordable golf ball

The Nike One Vapor Speed: Elite design for average swing speed. Designed for amateur swings, the Nike One Vapor Speed Golf Balls are created for maximum distance and ball speed. Three-piece construction. Core created for improved feel and increased speed. Power Transfer layer to maximize velocity, distance and control. Aerodynamic, seamless ionomer outer cover for optimal length and consistency

  • Optimized for amateur players who desire longer distance off the tee
  • 3-piece ionomer blend, reformulated core and optimized aerodynamics increase ball speed and maximize distance off the tee
  • Core: Reformulated to improve feel and increase speed
  • Power Transfer Layer: Maximize velocity, distance and control
  • Outer Cover : New, optimized aerodynamics and ionomer blend add length and consistency
  • One dozen golf balls

Item No. 3068576

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