Adam's Golf Tight Lies 16 - Right Hand Reg Flex
Adam's Golf Tight Lies 16 - Right Hand Reg Flex
Item # 3168093000
Easier to hit and twice as hot as the original

Today's fairway woods have become hard for most people, including many tour players, to hit from anywhere other than off of a tee due to their deep faces and higher CGs. These mini-drivers are also extremely hard to hit well out of the rough or sand due to their larger size. The new Adams Tight Lies will revolutionize the game just as the original did. The playability from every type of lie, and the ease at which golfers can get the ball in the air makes Tight Lies the perfect club to hit those long par-4's and par-5's. For the first time in a long time, golfers will love hitting a fairway wood again

  • Featuring cut-through velocity slot technology that creates a hotter face – Twice as hot as the original
  • 19% lower face height than average fairway wood
  • Original tri-level sole design reduces amount of turf interaction to increase performance from the fairway, rough or tight lies
  • Comes with head cover
  • Club pictured may not be same loft as actual club purchased

Item No. 3168093

Price Reg: $199.99
Sale: $69.97