Cascade CS Lacrosse Helmet
Cascade CS Lacrosse Helmet
Item # 3080256000
Not Just a Down-Sized Adult Helmet.

The CS has everything the young player needs to take the field for the first few seasons with the slick style of the pros. This one grows with you and the fit adjustment will be the easiest 30 seconds of your life. This isn’t a scaled down version of our college and high school helmets. A kid's head is different so we went into the field for months and compiled information on kids growth, head shape and wish list. You get lightest, most comfortable helmet in the game at an affordable price. We know you’re the next generation for the All America list so we designed the CS to the same NOCSAE safety standard the national champion’s helmets are made to..

  • Shell: FutureStar
  • Mask: Jr. SightLine Vision
  • Chin & Visor: FutureStar
  • Liner System: Gen Y – Fully Adjustable
  • Warranty: Unconditional 1 Year

Item No. 3080256

Price $109.99