JT Paintball JT Revolution Classic
JT Paintball JT Revolution Classic
Item # 3158267000
Electronic loader with legendary performance at an economy price

The JT 12v Revolution Paintball Loader is one of the longest and most proven designs in paintball history! The Revolution hopper has been known as the View loader Revolution, VL Revolution, or simply the 12 Volt Revvy over the years. This durable design features a reliable break beam eye system that 'sees' when paintballs start to move down the feed neck. This triggers the interior agitator to spin, keeping the paintballs in the hopper flowing to your marker and never jamming. The resilient shell survives the rigors of paintball in all conditions. The JT Revolution Hopper is simple to use with its easy on/ off toggle switch and is lightweight, making it ideal for all players looking for an economical and reliable paintball loader. It is especially popular with pump players!

  • Feeds up to 15 balls per second
  • Proven classic design
  • Long battery life on two 9vt batteries
  • Tough hopper shell
  • Easy on/ off toggle switch
  • Break beam eye activation
  • Quiet agitator paddle
  • Holds 200 paintballs

Item No. 3158267

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