Mio Triumph SE Heart Rate Monitor
Mio Triumph SE Heart Rate Monitor
Item # 3105171000
EKG accurate heart rate monitor with calorie tracking and built in motion sensor that records steps, speed and distance.

MIO's Active is not just an EKG accurate STRAPLESS heart rate monitor. It also includes a Diet Diary and is able to track calorie consumption and total calories you burn in a day, including those while exercising and at rest. With a built-in motion sensor, the Active records your steps, estimated speed, and distance walked or run over the entire day. The Diet Diary is part of MIO's Patented Calorie Management System. The Active allows you to set a daily calorie target and record the number of calories you eat throughout the day. It also records the calories you burn throughout the day to instantly let you know if you need to intensify your workout or curb your calorie intake to stay on target. You have the flexibility to choose whether your calorie burn is based on your heart rate or based on your motion (step count). The Active also measures and stores your 7-day metabolic expenditure-a complete record of the calories you burn all day, not just during exercise. Whether you are breaking a sweat in your spin class or training for your half marathon, the Active will provide you with the most accurate calorie count.

  • EKG-accurate heart rate, without a chest strap
  • Customizable with personal data to ensure accuracy
  • Patented Calorie Management System
  • 7 day metabolic expenditure
  • Multi-function activity monitor uses accelerometer technology to accurately count steps, estimate speed and distance traveled as well as calories burned
  • Visual indicator of exertion level based on personal data
  • Percent of maximum heart rate
  • Visual indicator of heart rate recovery & resting heart rate
  • Upper and lower heart rate alerts
  • 7 day activity memory displays 7 days of data
  • Designed to utilize MIO's 3500 Calorie Club Program
  • 5 Exercise timer modes
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters

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