Brooks Compression Socks 1 Pair Pack Knee Height - Size Large
Brooks Compression Socks 1 Pair Pack Knee Height - Size Large
Item # 3157094000
Gradient compression socks are like a big ol’ bear hug for your legs.

By strategically decreasing the amount of compression from the ankle to the calf, blood circulates up the leg and away from the feet. This aides in oxygen flow and helps reduce fatigue and strains. Translation: more time hitting the road, trail, or track. Select Performance Fiber Comfortable, Durable, Quality: Moisture Management comfort through select performance fibers, and long lasting quality that keep feet running happy.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Detail: Phosphorescent yarn receives a light charge for better visibility during low-light hours
  • 12-18 mmHg Compression: Ideal level of tightness for training and helping in recovery
  • Mesh Upper Foot Panel: Reduces bulk and provides better air circulation
  • X-Static: Inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Flat Toe Seam: Helps prevent blisters caused by friction
  • Knit in Size for quick identification
  • Large Fits Women's US shoe size: 10-12.5
  • Large Fits Men's US shoe size: 9-11.5

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