Sabre Women's Stop Strap Pepper Spray Keychain and Strap
Sabre Women's Stop Strap Pepper Spray Keychain and Strap
Item # 3101381000
Police Strength Pepper Spray - Pink Key Chain with Stop Strap Technology Prevents from Being Used Against You
  • Additional Safety - Will Not Spray if Removed from the Stop Strap / Wrist Lanyard
  • Very Practical - Compact Pepper Spray with Black Case, Finger Grip & Flip-Top Safety - Protect Yourself at a Safe Distance while on the Go
  • #1 Brand Used by Police worldwide: NYPD, Chicago, Los Angeles County Sheriff's &US Marshals to name a few
  • 4x's More Spray - 20 bursts or 8 x one second bursts - protection against multiple threats and ability to give a quick burst test spray biannually to ensure performance
  • Immediately Accessible - Stop Strap Helps Ensure Accessibility
  • Great Value - 4 year shelf life - Double the industry average!
  • Made in USA - ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • 10 foot range - Provides protection at a safe distance
  • Safe to Use - Produces powerful ballistic stream with reduced blowback
  • This item is not for sale in certain states - DC, HI, MA and NY

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