Sabre Zombie Spitfire - Pepper Spray
Sabre Zombie Spitfire - Pepper Spray
Item # 3114145000
Zombie Spitfire personal defense spray is equally effective on zombie and human threats

The fastest deploying and most compact key chain pepper spray is now manufactured and sold exclusively by SABRE RED! Spitfire’s ergonomic patented design has become a favorite of pepper spray users for over a decade by deploying with less effort and with greater accuracy from your hip or over your shoulder.

  • .21 oz.
  • Approximately 8-1 Second Bursts
  • Effective Range: 6-8'
  • Cone Spray Pattern
  • Sprays in any Direction or Orientation
  • Refills Available
  • Translucent Green Case
  • Quick, Safe Deployment
  • Quick Release Key Ring
  • Maximum Strength Formula
  • Sabre- The World Wide Leader in Pepper Spray
  • Manufactured in the USA

Item No. 3114145

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