Mission Enduracool Helmet Liner - Black
Mission Enduracool Helmet Liner - Black
Item # 3158423000
The first ever cooling skull cap.
Constructed from a new proprietary cooling material to custom form to the head and maximize the cooling effect. This new performance fabric instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out, and then snapped in the air to activate the cooling properties. The patented technology, Powered by Coolcore, works by absorbing moisture and perspiration into the fabric core where the unique radiator-like fiber construction circulates water molecules and regulates the rate of evaporation to create a prolonged cooling effect.


*When wet, cools instantly
*UPF 45 protection from the sun
*Chemical-free, wearable cooling in and out of the helmet
*Wicks away sweat from the head
*Promotes moisture circulation
*Regulates evaporation to help cool
Price $14.99