Freeride Road Trip Longboard Skateboard Complete
Freeride Road Trip Longboard Skateboard Complete
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The Road Trip is the perfect board for the beginner/novice up to advanced riders looking to get into sliding, free-riding, mellow down-hilling, etc.

The main focus of FreeRide is to offer our customers, a fun, top quality, high performance skateboard in the most environmentally friendly way possible, without breaking the bank.

  • 8 ply North American Good Wood Maple deck, 40 overall, with a 29.5 wheelbase, rides on 10 Gunmetal Magnum trucks equipped with Venom bushings and 70mm 78a FreeRide wheels
  • Pressed using water based Glue, Sprayed with water based lacquer, Water based inks for graphics
  • Designed with a nice and low to the ground ride, for increased control and responsiveness
  • A fully functioning slide/FreeRide board with downhill capabilities

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