E-Force Bedlam Stun 160 Racquetball Racquet - 5/8
E-Force Bedlam Stun 160 Racquetball Racquet - 5/8
Item # 3087659000
The Bedlam Stun 160 is the ideal racquet for any player. Power packed with state of the art technology, this racquet will push you to the top of your game and maximize your performance.
  • Launch Pad Technology: Maximizes power. Eliminates unnecessary deflection-limiting cross-strings in racquet throat. Increases string bed deflection.
  • By-Pass Stringing System: More power and livelier ball response. Mainstrings skip every two holes. The ball does not strike two directly connected mainstrings at once.
  • Zero Richter Tubes: String vibration is reduced. Mainstrings are enclosed in 84 of vibration-dampening tubes hidden in handle.
  • 22 LongString Technology: 22 mainstrings extend unrestricted in free space from the tip of the frame all the way through the handle enabling the stringbed to store massive power.
  • Power Trac Frame: Twisting and distortion are reduced. More energy is transferred to the ball for ore power. Better feel at impact.
  • Wishbone Frame: Three-part fin system stiffens frame in throat. Improves control and durability by eliminating twist and torque.
  • Tri-Carbon Frame: Increased stiffness/more power. Optimum blend of three light, stiff, carbon graphites.
  • Total Carbon Head: Adds stiffness, durability and power. Paint and non-structural materials replaced with additional carbon graphite.
  • Monster String Holes: Enlarged holes allow main and cross-strings unrestricted movement in free space for extra string length, stringbed deflection and power.
  • Fiber Alignment (FAT) Zones: More strength and power in racquet head. Pushes out and aligns fibers in high-stress curved areas of the frame.
  • Total-Carbon Head: Paint and non-structural materials are replaced with extra carbon graphite generating even more stiffness, durability, and power.
  • Weight: 160 Grams
  • Length: 22 Inches
  • String Pattern: 14M x 18C
  • Composition: Graphite Fiber with a Total Carbon Head
  • Grip: E-Force Resin

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