E-force Torrent Control Wrap Racquetball Racquet - 5/8
E-force Torrent Control Wrap Racquetball Racquet - 5/8
Item # 3160652000
E-Force's patent pending 22 LongString Technology creates mainstrings at least 6 longer than in all competitor racquets.

The Control Wrap frame removes 100 string holes which vastly decreases frame distortion while increasing frame stability and durability. The Cylinder Rail Construction limits racquet distortion at ball impact while allowing the necessary straight back and forth racquet flex. Lastly, the Control Wrap frame is different - directs longer distances around the frame and into the string bed at softer angles making for an enhanced feel for the player.

  • 22 LongString power
  • Elimination of 100 string holes
  • Exclusive Cylinder Rail Construction
  • New String/Bumper System
  • Over 38% more mainstring length than all other competitor racquets

Item No. 3160652

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