Tourna Ballport 80
Tourna Ballport 80
Item # 3156785000
Full sized tennis ball hopper, Ideal for practicing your serve

Ballport™ 80-Ball Basket is made of tough polypropylene. No wires to rust, welding to break or paint to peel. Handles rotate and lock up or down for easy pickup and dispensing. Ships in a small, 2 wide by 25 high box. Assembly is easy with panels locking into place and legs easily attached with provided screws. Rolling bars on the bottom help ease balls into the basket and hold them in. Sliding bars on the top slide open to make dispensing easy, and lock closed to hold balls during transport and storage. Handles lock into an upright position for ball collection, and in a downward position for ball dispensing with a patented locking feature. USA Patents #5,294,161, #347,670

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