Mio Motiva Strapless Heart Rate Monitor - Pink
Mio Motiva Strapless Heart Rate Monitor - Pink
Motiva Pink Complete Weight Management Monitor

Losing weight isn't easy. We all know that. The MIO Motiva gives you the accurate tools, support and motivation you need to successfully lose weight. And more importantly - keep it off. It's widely agreed that successful weight management starts with a detailed food and activity diary. The Motiva makes the process of recording, tracking and analyzing everything you consume, and the calories you burn exercising easy and fun. The MIO Motiva features the MIO Patented Calorie Management System, which gives you the accurate tools and motivation to reach your personal weight goals. The MIO Motiva features a Diet Diary which allows you to set a daily calorie target and record the number of calories you eat and burn. MIO Motiva is designed to work seamlessly with MIO’s famous online 3500 Calorie Club. Burn 3500 calories and lose a pound per week. In addition to weight management, the watch is packed with features specially designed to help you train and monitor your health & fitness. The MIO Motiva has 5 dual timers, ideal for interval training. The EKG accurate heart rate allows you to measure your heart rate recovery, an extremely strong indicator of your heart’s overall cardiovascular fitness. The MIO Motiva is programmable with your own personal data, making it individually yours. This watch provides your EKG-accurate heart rate with a single touch to the sensor and frees you from wearing an uncomfortable chest strap. MIO Motiva includes membership to MyMIO, your complete health & wellness portal. Track, query and analyze your own biofeedback data. Set yourself challenges and achieve them with the support of our free personal trainers and dietitian. Take advantage of everything MyMIO can do to help you achieve your health and wellness goals at: http://mioglobal.com/mymio

  • EKG-accurate heart rate, without a chest strap
  • Customizable with personal data to ensure accuracy
  • Patented Calorie Management System allowing users to track calorie intake throughout the day and calories burned during exercise against a daily calorie target
  • Visual indicator of exertion level for instant feedback during your workout, allows you to train more efficiently
  • Measure and displays resting heart rate, a good indicator of fitness and overall well-being
  • 5 exercise timers
  • Time, date and alarm
  • 12/24 hour clock with date and weekday

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