No. 6 The Vice Leash
No. 6 The Vice Leash
Item # 3024510000
Our premiere engineered bicep leash was in design and development for 3 years before it’s release.
  • The cuff band (which has an ergonomically shaped design) is crafted from 'leather-like' PolyUrethane which is strong and rigid.
  • The inner cuff has soft rolled edges/piping and neoprene backing for comfort.
  • The strap has strong flexi-webbing to allow for 'breathing' while paddling.
  • Connection point is what we call 4-D movement: a brass swivel and stainless steel connection ring with double re-inforced stitching.
  • Our coil is a custom molded German BSP PolyUrethane which has high tensile tolerance and high memory snapback...not extruded PolyEthylene like standard coils that can lose memory quickly.
  • Comes with plug and rail saver.

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