Custom X X Fins Bodyboard Fins - Medium / Large
Custom X X Fins Bodyboard Fins - Medium / Large
Item # 3027080000
The X Fin by Custom X is designed for performance and comfort. Rarely will you find these two features together in a bodyboard fin. It is lightweight with excellent thrust and has a foot pocket that is the ultimate in comfort.

The X Fin is designed specifically for bodyboarding. It has a short blade for maximum thrust, soft foot pocket for comfort, double drain holes to drain out water and sand quickly and grips on the bottom for drop knee traction. They also float.The ankle strap is a-frame style for great hold on your ankle and the fins will fit either foot. No guessing involved!

  • Soft foot pocket for maximum comfort
  • Lghtweight and durable
  • Double drain holes
  • Bottom traction
  • A Frame ankle strap for great hold
  • Floating

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