Carlisle Day Tripper 2pc Kayak Paddle  230
Carlisle Day Tripper 2pc Kayak Paddle 230
Item # 0763271012
Economical lightweight kayak paddle

This is the paddle of choice for light weight and affordability. Efficient and easy to use. 230 cm length = 7.5 foot . This size is a good choice for all around paddler's, for use with paddling boats between 10' to 18'. Fits most paddlers from 5'6- 6'2 tall

  • Asymmetric - dihedral shaped for smooth, efficient strokes.
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum shaft is oval for easy gripping
  • Push-button 2 piece take-apart
  • Blades can be feathered at 60-degrees or inline, for right- and left-hand control
  • Includes drip guards
  • Not recommended for surfzone or heavy use.
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Polypropylene blades

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