Carlisle Day Tripper 2pc Kayak Paddle  240
Carlisle Day Tripper 2pc Kayak Paddle 240
Item # 3098933000
Economical lightweight kayak paddle. Excellent as a Canoe double blade paddle

This is the paddle of choice for light weight and affordability. Good for flat water,lighter usage or spare paddle. Efficient and easy to use. 240 cm length = 8 foot. This size is a good choice for very casual low angle paddler's, using very wide boats over 12' length. Paddler's should be over 6'1 tall with very broad shoulders Excellent size forall to use in a canoe

  • Asymmetric - dihedral shaped for smooth, efficient strokes.
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum shaft is oval for easy gripping
  • Push-button 2 piece take-apart
  • Blades can be feathered at 60-degrees or inline, for right- and left-hand control
  • Includes drip guards
  • Not recommended for surfzone or heavy use.
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Polypropylene blades

Item No. 3098933

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