Bending Branches Sunrise GS Kayak Paddle 230
Bending Branches Sunrise GS Kayak Paddle 230
Item # 1030300014

A great value, with a lightweight fiberglass shaft that will keep your joints from feeling achy, even after a full day paddling

The Sunrise Kayak paddle with the Fiberglass shaft is the ultimate paddle for the recreational paddler who likes good equipment and great value. The Sunrise Glass provides the optimal balance between performance and paddler fatigue. The lightweight fiberglass shaft is selected to provide the maximum strength and optimal flex. The glass shaft is ovalized for ease of paddling and provides both warmth and comfort. The asymmetric blade is well balanced and designed for zero torque, thus reducing wrist fatigue. The dihedral blade shape minimizes flutter and provides a easy smooth paddle stroke. The fiberglass shaft features our composite ferrule providing a precision fit, thus reducing any loss of power and won't seize up in sand or salt water. The fiberglass shaft has a Push Button takedown feature for easy storage and transportation.

  • Blade Shape: 6.75' x 18' (89 sq. in.)
  • Shaft Color: Black
  • Shaft Type: Fiberglass
  • Length 230
  • Weight: 35 oz.
  • Drip Rings: Heavy duty
  • Ferrule Angles: 0 degrees and 60 degrees left or right
  • Shaft Size: Regular

Item No. 1030300

Price $99.95