Yak Gear Basic Paddle Leash
Yak Gear Basic Paddle Leash
Item # 3144896000
Nylon Bungee Paddle Leash for Kayaks and Canoes to secure your Paddle.

This light weight, 40 leash features a carabiner on one end and a velcro strap on the other for maximum connection possibilities to your kayak or canoe. The boat-side of the leash quickly connects to a pad eye or accessible seat strap with the carabiner or by threading the loop through a pad eye or accessible seat strap. The connection to the paddle is through the use of the velcro strap or by opening the end loop and slipping your paddle in.

  • Half ounce, 40 paddle leash
  • Made with 3/16 Nylon Bungee
  • Aluminum Carabiner
  • Double sided velcro one wrap strap easily secures to any paddle shaft
  • Weighs .5 ounces
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Item No. 3144896

Price $9.99