Yak Gear Fish N' Pole Leash 32, BLACK
Yak Gear Fish N' Pole Leash 32, BLACK
Item # 3144898000
Double braided for extra strength, the nonabsorbent Leash provides the ultimate peace of mind in guaranteeing that your expensive rod and reel return to shore every time
The boat-side of the 0.7 ounce, 36 inch leash quickly connects to a pad eye or accessible seat strap with the carabiner or by threading the loop through. The connection to the fishing pole is through the use of the ultra tight velcro strap slipped over the butt of the fishing pole, just below the trigger of the reel. You catch the fish, we will catch the pole. Fishing pole not included.


*Double braided, 32 fishing pole leash
*Made from 3/16 nylon bungee
*Carabiner and ultra tight velcro strap included as connection points
*Instructions included
Price $10.99