Yak Gear 1.5 lb Grapnel Anchor Kit
Yak Gear 1.5 lb Grapnel Anchor Kit
Item # 3144924000
1.5 Pound Grapnel Anchor Kit with rope and mesh storage bag.

The Yak Gear 1.5lb (.7kg) Grapnel Anchor Kit features a 1.5 lb galvanized steel anchor with four 6-inch tines that fold out of the way while stored. The use of a 1.5lb anchor is a more than adequate weight for kayaks and canoes in rivers, lakes, and slower moving water. Rock Rig and Add a Rope capabilities are included in the complete kit, along with 30 feet of 3/16 inch black nylon anchor rope and a storage ditty bag.

  • 1.5lb grapnel anchor with four folding 6 tines for easy storage
  • Kit includes 30' rope as well as rock rig and add a rope capabilities
  • Storage bag included
  • Installation instructions included
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Item No. 3144924

Price $25.99