Yak Gear CLICKnGO Leash
Yak Gear CLICKnGO Leash
Item # 3144928000
60 Inch Heavy Nylon Bungee Leash. Multiple uses for tie down, tow rope and lots more.

Double braided, 60 inch x ?? inch bungee leash serves as a front or rear quick tie down assist strap, anchor cushion leash, and tow rope on three different parts of your adventure. Anchored on each end by two 3 1/4 inch carabineers and stretching up to 80 inches, the leash provides the perfect combination of length, flexibility, and strength.

  • Multi-use, 60 nylon braided leash
  • Made from 1/4 nylon bungee
  • Two 3 aluminum carabineers included

Item No. 3144928

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