Aqua Lung Anacapa Hingeflex Snorkeling Set - Blue
Aqua Lung Anacapa Hingeflex Snorkeling Set - Blue
This 3-piece snorkeling set includes a silicone mask, flexible snorkel, and a pair of fins for unlimited water exploration.

The Aqua Lung Anacapa Hingeflex Snorkeling Set lets you glimpse unforgettable underwater sights in long-lasting comfort. The wide 2-window mask has durable tempered glass for scratch-resistant wear, while the flexible silicone skirt provides a snug and comfortable fit. Easy to use with a simple water purge, the Island Dry Snorkel features innovative Pivot Dry technology to conveniently seal off water when its submerged. Both the Hingeflex and Trek styled fin allow swimmers of all levels to glide through the water with power.

    Admiral Mask:
  • 2 Tempered glass windows
  • Comfortable silicone skirt

    Island Dry Snorkel:
  • Pivot Dry Technology keeps water out when underwater
  • Water purge easily removes excess water
  • Flex tube for a custom fit

    Hingeflex or Trek fin
  • Suitable for all levels of water enthusiasts

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