Aqua Lung Hingeflex Fin - Pink
Aqua Lung Hingeflex Fin - Pink
Made in a convenient travel size, this scuba fin boasts an innovative Pivot Flex blade for energy storage on down strokes and quick power-bursts on the way up.

Featuring an energy-efficient design, the Aqua Lung Hingeflex Fin comes with heavy-duty rails to offer smooth and powerful thrust through the water. The Pivot Flex Blade lets you fuel up on your down strokes while the integrated cross beams burst out additional push power on your upstroke. Made for comfort, the soft foot pocket of this scuba fin has an ergonomic strap and buckle for a secure fit in the water. The compact travel size is ideal for your international scuba adventures.

  • Compact travel fin
  • Energy-efficient blade
  • High-memory polypropylene
  • Rails for stability and push power
  • Pivot Flex Blade for smooth thrust
  • Comfortable foot pocket
  • Adjustable buckle and strap for a custom fit

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