Aqua Lung Anti-Fog Solution
Aqua Lung Anti-Fog Solution
Item # 3145969000
Designed for use on your snorkel mask and goggles, this anti-fog solution ensures underwater sights are always spotless.

This easy to apply Aqua Lung Anti-Fog Solution eliminates annoying fog from your underwater dives. This non-toxic solution is biodegradable and alcohol-free, so it's safe for frequent applications to the plastic components of your mask. Enough for 600 applications, just a couple drops of this anti-fog solution keeps your gear clean and clear for extended underwater voyages.

  • Residue-free gel concentrate
  • Up to 600 applications
  • Safe for tempered glass in goggles and masks
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic and alcohol free
  • 1.25 oz

Item No. 3145969

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