Aqua Lung Lux LX Phoenix Snorkeling Combo - Black
Aqua Lung Lux LX Phoenix Snorkeling Combo - Black
Item # 3145974000
This two-piece snorkeling combo comes with a frameless silicone mask to give water enthusiasts with an unhindered 180? scenic view.

The Aqua Lung Lux LX Phoenix Combo is a 2-piece snorkeling set that's made for extended aquatic adventure. The no-slip silicone mask has adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit, while the panoramic lens allows you to take in all the treasures below the water's surface. This snorkeling set includes a submersible snorkel equipped with an easy one-way purge valve to clear the tube with a single puff.

    Lux Mask:
  • 2 Tempered glass windows
  • Comfortable silicone skirt
  • Adjustable strap for a custom fit
  • Bonded lens eliminates frame for 180? view

    Phoenix LX Snorkel:
  • Silicone mouthpiece
  • One-way purge valve for easy water clearing
  • Safety whistle

Item No. 3145974

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