Von Zipper Speedtuck Sunglasses - Black/Gray
Von Zipper Speedtuck Sunglasses - Black/Gray
Item # 3193297000
Look cool and protect your eyes at the same time with new style VZ Speedtuck sunglasses

Life lesson #39: minimize air resistance/ improve your aerodynamics: Do you wanna go fast like there ain't no tomorrow fast? 1. Move your weight forward and make yourself as small as possible. 2. Gather up your junk, put your arms behind your back and shut your eyes tight. 3. Gulp down a deep breath and send it in the Speedtuck sunglasses...

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Base 6 spherical lens
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Nylon grilamid frame
  • Corrosion Free Pop 'N Lock Cam hinges
  • Made in Italy
  • RGNS System

Item No. 3193297

Price $100.00