Sticky Bumps Cool
Sticky Bumps Cool
Item # 3058597000
This surf wax gives you confidence and stability in colder climates, keeping you in control of your board as the temperature dips.
The Sticky Bumps Cold/Cool Surf Wax was created to provide additional grip on your board when the waves get rough. The friction created by this wax lets you feel in control and gives you additional command. The wax also works well in cold temperatures, staying firm at all times. You'll discover that the wax is easy to apply and remove. With this surf wax you'll be ready for a season of fighting the waves and enjoying the water to its fullest.


*Cool/Cold: Use for water temps below 68°F/20°C
*Warm/Trop: Use for water temps above 68°F/20°C
*A universal wide-range temperature wax
*Non-toxic, biodegradable, all-natural
*Coconut scent
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