Sticky Bumps Basecoat
Sticky Bumps Basecoat
Item # 3058602000
Basecoat creates a long-lasting, durable layer under any of our temperature-specific Sticky Bumps waxes. Use to achieve optimum performance of your top-layer waxes.
Does anything smell better than a fresh bar of Sticky Bumps? The first and original traction added wax that's easy to apply and long lasting. Rub a solid layer of basecoat under your top coat for an even grip that won’t melt off your board. Crucial for new boards and can be used in place of Warm or Tropical wax when in a pinch.


*Start with a clean deck an apply with light pressure in a circular motion to build a tight bump base pattern
*Our hardest wax
*Non-toxic, biodegradable, all-natural
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