TYR Nest Pro Goggle - Metal Titanium
TYR Nest Pro Goggle - Metal Titanium
Item # 3032654000
Designed to fit a wide range of facial types with comfort being a key attribute.

The Nest Pro Metalized Goggles are performance goggles that transcend traditional design. Inspired by the unique bird nest architectural design of The Beijing Olympics' main stadium, the structural elements of the LGNSTM Nest Pro's frame creates a unique grid-like effect, similar to the way a bird's nest is intertwined for support.  Metalized lenses reflect light and reduce glare, providing excellent peripheral vision, while anti-fog, construction enhances protection.  An ideal goggle choice for performance, training, open water and triathlon applications. Polypropylene over-mold nest frame provides unique high-tech structure design; Headstrap features patented Glide Clip system which allows easy on-head adjustment; Double VTS (Varied Tensile Strength) silicone headstrap conforms to side of head while flat back straps allow for secure fit; Wide peripheral Cellulose Propionate (CP) lenses feature imbedded anti-fog properties and are UV protected; Soft TPR gaskets for comfortable, water-tight fit; Patent pending Nest Frame Technology

  • Mirrored Lens - Highly reflective, bold statements of color. Mirror coatings are strictly cosmetic and do not provide any difference in vision.
  • Embedded Antifog - The highest quality type of anti-fog available. Embedded antifog lenses retain clarity without the need for traditional anti-fog spray application and re-application.
  • Wide Peripheral View - Can see left and right without blockage. Features wide viewing angles for your daily swim routine, or open water competition.

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