TYR Racetech Goggle - Clear
TYR Racetech Goggle - Clear
Item # 3141380000
Suitable for females and younger swimmers, these swimming goggles deliver a custom fit with plenty of comfort features to see you through a playful swim or training session.

Designed for training and play, the TYR Racetech Goggle has a slick low profile that helps you cut through water with advanced speed. The adjustable side clips and three interchangeable nose bridges let you achieve a perfect custom fit, while the soft rubber gaskets create a secure seal on your face. Durable wide angle lenses keep your surroundings in full view. These swimming goggles feature UV protection and anti-fog treatment so you can move from the pool to the lake or ocean without compromising your clarity of vision.

  • Ideal for training and recreation
  • Sleek low profile reduces drag
  • Soft anti-leak thermoplastic rubber eye seals
  • Wide angle lenses for maximum peripheral view
  • UV protection
  • Anti-fog feature
  • Adjustable side clips for a custom fit
  • Adjustable nosebridge allows for 3 different sizes
  • Suitable for smaller faces, females and youths

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