AIRHEAD® Rechargeable 12 V Air Pump
AIRHEAD® Rechargeable 12 V Air Pump
Item # 3184017000
Rechargeable 12 V Air Pump
This convenient and versatile 12 volt air pump comes equipped with a 120 volt AC charger and a 12 volt charger that plugs into cigarette lighters. When charged, there are no cords to deal with. It’s equipped with 3 adapters to fit valves on towables, pool toys, airbeds and other inflatables. It will inflate or deflate continuously for 15 minutes on a charge. Peak air pressure is .64 psi, volume is 260 liters/minute. It draws 11.3 amps / 75 watts. We recommend “topping off” large towables inflated with this pump with a few strokes of AIRHEAD’s Double Action Hand Pump or Foot Bellows Pump


*12Volt rechargable pump
* 120 Volt AC Charger
*12 volt plug
*3 fittings
*apx 15 minutes on a charge
*.64 psi
* 260 liter/minute
Price $34.99