Rev 75 Ski w/ PR11-163-2013/14
Rev 75 Ski w/ PR11-163-2013/14
Item # 3158158001
Head's revolutionary era 3.0 rocker technology makes this a great choice for a skier looking for a ski that will make effortless turns on groomed slopes.

An exceptional value at $399, including the PR 11 binding.binding. Best for Intermediates and groomed runs. era 3.0 technology does "rocker right" era 3.0 allows gives the skis superior steering and increase flotation. The progressive radius allows the skis to react with up to 50% less angulation. We also put smart fibers in the tip to dampen vibrations found in most other rocker skis. Very easy turning ski for the skiers looking to rule the groomers.

Item No. 3158158001

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