Devo Caps Clear Pad
Devo Caps Clear Pad
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Stomp Design is committed to providing the finest quality snowboard traction pads and snowboard accessories available.

STOMP Design is committed to providing the finest quality SNOWBOARD ACCESSORY PRODUCTS available. Products that help snowboarders enjoy their day on the mountain in control and comfort. Our specialty is TRACTION PADS. The DEVO CAPS are anodized aluminum traction pads that provide function required and desired by demanding riders who know what they want.

  • STOMP TRACTION PADS provide real traction for: Skating through the flats & lift lines with your back foot unstrapped, exiting the chairlift without falling on your butt, and clearing snow & ice from your boot before you strap in.
  • Made in the USA! Built with the best materials and strongest adhesives available.
  • STOMP is a name you can count on…

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